About Us

About Oasis Lite

In response to the isolation from the MCC denomination that is still experienced by far too many people, the MCC Council of Elders has authorized the MCC Oasis as an Emerging Church.  An oasis is a fertile or green spot in a desert or wasteland that has been made so by the presence of water. In the same way, MCC Oasis is established to provide people with a refuse from spiritual isolation – a place where seekers can immerse themselves in the Living Water of MCC vision, values, mission, and ministry.

MCC Oasis is a “congregation” that functions as a

global network of interconnected MCC-recognized spiritual communities.

The network of individual Oasis Communities is known collectively as MCC Oasis.

In Christchurch, Oasis lite is a group of enthusiastic people from a wide range of backgrounds. A homegroup sized community, we are a great place to explore spirituality in a fun and safe environment. We do not need to operate like a “big” church, so we can be flexible in worship and events.

Led by Marion and Neil, Oasis Lite members enjoy a range of activities, both in regular worship and out socially. This is a faith community that offers you the chance to be as involved as you like, and to enjoy all the knowledge and contributions that everyone brings.